Tips will help you play better

The number of tricks that a player can employ in the game of is too many. This is a game that asks for a lot of tactical play. In this article, we are going to throw light on a number of these tips.  Please read on and you are going to know more about playing this game well.

Tips will help you play better Guide IO Games tips can help you be a better player

If a player is keen on becoming big another time following the splitting of your cell sooner than having to wait for them to soak up one another a great tip is trying locating a wall and cornering for ejecting mass in the direction of one of his cells for eating. This is among the tips that a number of players use. A player is able to do this with no wall on being 3+ pieces. All that he must do is feed the piece he wants to feed while aiming at any of his small pieces. This idea is generally an excellent one for ejecting a single mass into any cell that is much bigger in size than him. They’re not going to bother consuming the player if the player is excessively small and as the player lent them mass they’re either going to team with the player or won’t show aggression on him. On a gathering of big cells surrounding a player when he’s small, he must be as erratic as possible such that they’re unable to split TWICE for eating him.

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