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There is many a mope.io server

At the present, Mope.io has 50 servers, and every mope.io server is capable of handling as many as 500 players.. In the event of the numbers of players being more than that a message is going to come into view not allow the game to continue. The exact message that is going to appear is “Error: this server’s full!”

Each and every single mope.io server usually has approximately 250 / a greater number of players each. The fact is that every single server has a diverse map. This happens to be the list of the servers. In the event of you having XP following your death and you proceed to join a different server, the XP that you have is going to be lost. You are able to alter the server that you’re going to take part in settings. Below, we bring you a number of the numerous servers that are there.

Some mope.io server

USA 9 servers in (New York)

USA 1 in (Miami)

USA 2 in (Chicago)

USA 4 in (California)

USA 2 in (Seattle)

USA 6 servers in the South

Europe 6 servers in (London)

Europe 1 in (Paris)

Europe 1 in (Amsterdam)

Europe 15 in (Germany)

Asia 2 servers in (Australia)

Asia 1 server in (Singapore)


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