Tactics for getting onto the Leader board in

Have you ever got aggravated that you’re not sufficiently good at the game of Well, if you have been, this article gives some straightforward solutions that have no need for any kind of cheating. With the correct technique, the question of SLITHER.IO | HOW TO GET ON LEADER BOARD won’t worry you anymore.


The first SLITHER.IO | HOW TO GET ON LEADER BOARD answer is to Move in the direction of the middle. A good number of snakes who have greater scores are going to be present there. The map that’s present on the screen’s lower right is going to be of help in guiding you there. Another answer is to pursue the macho snakes. On you being a newbie you must try and avoid killing the macho snakes. All that you require doing is following them. On a good number of occasions the smaller snakes are going to sprint into a side leaving back points that you are able to collect. Due to the snake that you’re pursuing being a greater snake its expected hat others are going to crowd round with the expectation of a chance of attacking. The snake that you’re pursuing is not going to live for long and on it dying you’re going to be there to for lifting the scraps. You must also try and target the lesser sized snakes on not being a big one.


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