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Some tips on the Irons and crystal mine in

All those who play .io games are likely to have heard of This is the most recent phenomena in the world of .io games. In this game, hordes of zombies are waiting for attacking you. You have to triumph over quite a few challenges in this game for coming out as the winner. 

In this article, we are going to provide a number of tips on the Iron Mine as well as the Crystal Mine.

Some tips on the Irons and crystal mine in

Iron Mine is the name given to the building that manufactures iron. It carries iron to Cannon Ball Factories or Steel Factories. tips for the iron mine

It’s the finest placed in close proximity to steel or a cannonball plant. The reason is that each of them requires iron for producing their resources. Try keeping it in close proximity to the array of a defensive building such that it’s going not going to be demolished by zombies. The upgrading of the Iron Mine is able to boost health along with the amount of iron that it manufactures.

The Crystal Mine

It’s a building that is of help to you in giving crystals.

As to the tips for the Crystal Mine, that is the topic of our discussion here. At the commencement of this game, you should try placing every available crystal mine on top of crystal ores. You must also try placing the Crystal Mine near to the defensive towers of yours. The reason is that crystals are essential for the upgrading of your base.


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