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Stan Tatarnykov, who’s also known by the name of Clickstan, is the developer. His residence is in Toronto, Canada and he’s of Ukrainian origins. He is the holder of a twitter account. Not had been the sole developer till the 29th of October, which is the date on which Pike came in as a designer. As with almost all io games skins deserve special mention.

Some key facts on skins of .io Games Hack .io Games Mods Guide IO Games Mods Skins skins are best described as features that determine the appearance of an animal. At the moment, the game has 3 skins. They are Old skins (without any animal image), new skins, and winter skins. If a player is to access the old skins he requires going over to the settings and selecting no animal images for earlier/old images. If a player enables old skins, the lag’s going to get reduced. If a person is having problems with much lag the use of old skins is advised. If that isn’t the case, the use of old skins is pointless. As the situation is now there isn’t any way of accessing the non-winter fresh skins. However, these are expected to be incorporated again in the near future. skins Trivia

The date of the addition of old skins was the 4th of October 4, 2016

The date of addition of new skins was during the 29th of October and 30th of October updates.

The date of addition of winter skins was during the 25th of December update

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