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Some facts about the Mope.io Dragon

Amongst the animals in the game of mope.io “Dragon” is the 15th. It’s the last but one animal in mope.io. It’s the land counterpart of Kraken, King Crab, Yeti, and the same as T-Rex. The Mope.io Dragon Upgrades from Blue Whale, Elephant, / Mammoth at an XP of 1M and it develops into “Black Dragon” at an XP of 10M.

Read on to know some facts about the Mope.io Dragon.


It can consume Animals in Fox, Hedgehog, & Jellyfish.

Ahead of the immense (9th of April) Update, nothing could eat it. However, it’s now able to be consumed by “Black Dragon,” which had been introduced in the immense Update.

It is capable of flying above everything that consists of rocks.

It travels through every animal till Deer, its counterparts & other Dragons.

It is capable of breathing fire.

It’s resistant to ink and River’s effect.

Subsequent to the immense (9th of April) Update, it is now able to stay hidden in Caves. This had been changed exclusively to provide it with at least a bit of defense against the Black Dragon.

To get more information about the Mope.io Dragon that includes its appearance and also the strategy that a player should use while playing as a black dragon you should go over to the game wiki.


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