Change Skin – how to go about it is a game where size does matter. However, even more important is the changing of one’s skin. A player can get a cooler look by creating his/her own skin. The game presents the player with the opportunity of changing skins. For bringing about a Change Skin a player must simply share this game on his/her social media profile, examples being Facebook / Twitter. Change Skin – how to go about it IO Games Skins

Below is a guide on Change Skin.

First, a player must visit and wait till the main menu appears. If a person is to change skin in the game he/she must share the game on his/her Facebook / Twitter profile. The players can see sharing buttons at the screen’s bottom right corner.

Changing skins for players without a Facebook / Twitter account

However, what will those players do who are without a Facebook / Twitter account? Well, a little trick is there that they can use for bypassing this sharing process. They just need to click on “sharing buttons” like stated above and as they get thrown to Twitter /Facebook they just need to return to the game. After that, the option for Slitherio Change Skin is going to come into view. After that, the players are free to click on a button that is there on the screen’s bottom left corner and is labeled Change Skin. Then, the players are free to swap through diverse game skin presets and pick one.

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