Skins are a key feature of is a well known of the .io games with a great game play. Talking about the game of ome cannot do without mentioning skins. In the section that follows we are going to talk about this interesting aspect of this great game. Please read on to get to know more.

Skins are a key feature of .io Games Hack .io Games Mods Guide IO Games Skins


Some facts on skins

Coming to the subject of skins they are nothing but features that have an effect on the way that an animal appears. As things stand at the moment the number of skins that are there in this game is three and they are Old skins (without any animal image), New skins, as well as Winter skins. For a player to be able to have access to the old skins a player has to go over to the settings and opt for no animal images for the earlier images. If a player enables old skins, the lag’s going to be reduced. If a player is experiencing much lag the using of the old skins is suggested. If not, there isn’t any reason for making use of the old skins. As things stand now, there isn’t any way of accessing the non-winter fresh skins. However, this is likely to be put in again shortly.


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