Play – the game with a multicolored 2d setting
What is It’s a foraging/continued existence game that has a multicolored 2d setting. In Play, you commence in the form of and your aim is to try and go upwards the food chain through the consuming of berries for gaining XP. Your aim is nothing but survival and for meeting this end you go upward the food chain and fend off predators. Play – the way of playing
As had been mentioned before commence at the underside of the food chain in the form of a mouse and by the eating of berries you achieve xp to develop into a diverse creatures. Welcoming players/objects are specified via a light green colored border outlining the objects. Hazardous players are specified with a red colored border and all newbie must stay away from them! Although in Play the eating if berries is the right way of going upward the chain just as important is maintaining a topped water meter through the consuming the blue colored blobs that spawn about water spots. Water gets consumed gradually while you’re on the move about or gets more aggressively exhausted through sprinting.

Game Controls

The movement of a player in the game is is controlled via mouse movement. A point to be noted is the fact that the movement of a player is able to get slowed down / obstructed by definite objects in the event of them being bigger in size compared to your character. As an instance, at the time that you spawn or the first time you are unable to consume the mushrooms or make your way through them. In such a state of affairs the finest that you can do make your way around them. Dash is offered in game and is able to be made use of through the pressing/holding of the space bar. However, you ought to remember that such an act on your part consumes water!

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