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Experience the entire advancement method in Mope IO, the pristine IO game that drew its motivation from the famous Agario! Different from and more trendy IO games that include Slitherio /Paperio, this is a cool game where your character is not just going to grow, but is also going to alter it’s appearance and get hold of new abilities. So what is mobile all about? is now playable on your mobile device Guide IO Games

Mopeio is the game every player is an animal and it eats berries, spawns and more players for gaining mass and staying alive for a long as possible.  A player commences in mobile at the underneath of the food chain in the form of a land / water animal. By eating and drinking water he gains experience and this is vital for evolving into a diverse creature. The greater that a player evolves, the more diverse his diet turns and the more practical abilities that he acquires. Instances are that pigs are capable of sliding in mud, lions are capable of roaring, penguins are prone to slipping on ice and dragons are capable of flying!

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There’s a conventional food chain in the game and animals that a player don’t necessarily require being smaller as in the other IO games Sociable players/items are apparent due to a light green margin that outlines the items and hazardous players are apparent by a red boundary! Land animals can eat water animals and vice versa, altogether there are 3 fields in Mope IO: water, land and arctic snow. Once a water animal enters the land field, its water level will be quickly dropping, if it reaches 0 your animal will die. The arctic snow area is only safe for some high evolved animals.

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