Mod Files * New 2020 – is Easy Browser Based FPS Entertainment Mod Files, is easy browser based FPS entertainment, is the name of a simple yet entertaining Call of Duty sort of MMO military shooter that lets speedy FPS warfare playable in a browser. can be described as a straightforward, smooth and focused version of multiplayer FPS, letting speedy multiplayer warfare that’s simple to play.

The game features tight controls as well as small heath bars. As a result, the game is more like a CoD styled twitch shooter compared to a Battlefield styled shooter. This is a game that has six playable characters. Every one of the players has their individual weapon loadouts. Among them are a Revolver, a Sniper Rifle, a Shotgun, an SMG, an LMG, as well as an Assault Rifle. Do you find it tempting? mod files are available in plenty online. Just get hold of them and start playing this shooter game.

The game map

At present, there is just a single game map. However, it’s laid out extremely well, with incredibly little as far as camping spots for snipers are concerned. The game is well known for its mod support. You are able to make use of this for importing your personal textures as well as sounds. More mod functionality is being planned for the times ahead.

Get the mod files and get cracking

It isn’t the most intricate shooter that has been introduced til now. What describes Krunker the best is speedy expertise based multiplayer warfare. The game allows for a little easily handy browser based FPS entertainment. Get the mod files now.

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