GuideIO Games has much to offer

Krunker io offers a fulfilling experience with much replay value. Testing with classes throughout any of the 6-person matches of will give you a feeling of going back to the days of playing Star Wars Battlefront II.

Seeing the way that the classes interact among themselves and the way how each class can be used for effectively combating another one, is amongst the great joys of the game. This is not going to be of much value to a player had the shooting not been satisfying. However, it is really a pleasure to state that this with this isn’t a dilemma. The easy use of the controls makes this game even more exciting. has much to offer


The aesthetics of the game is strongly evocative of, which is the previous project of de Vries. All weapons have a fulfilling kick to it and even lowlier pistols that include the Revolver feel grand to make use of. In spite of being a moderately low-key invention, the guns of this game feel superior to a number of high-status conventional shooters.

Have a great experience with the controls

There are a number of tremendously well-designed maps. A great deal of thought has gone into the way that the players are going to make use of the map space. Thus, regardless of the class that a person plays as, he or she is going to feel as though the map isn’t accommodating him or her. There is much more. The controls are easy to use. Start using them. This game has a lot to offer.


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