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Foes in

Foes in happen to be aggressive entities that are going to launch an attack on the players. They mainly are made of zombies and they launch attacks at night. At intervals of 10 nights, though, there’s a “boss”.

Foes in

The boss

The boss is a tremendously large zombie having much health and damage. Taking the life of the boss lends the player a great quantity of Gems. Next, we are going to discus the sorts of zombies. If you want to know more about them you can place a question at yorg io reddit.

The other zombies – you can post your question on yorg io reddit about them

The dread lords are the slowest, greatest and deadliest foe yet and this foe appears made for tanking anything that is thrown at it. It’s really rare and is most often accompanied by escorts. They evolve at intervals of 10 rounds. Thus, at day 10 you’re going to be up against a level 1 foe, a level 2 at day 20, and like that. The fodder is the most several of our foes. As they are not hard to kill they are of no real hazard apart from in numbers. They evolve at intervals of 13 days. The screamers are speedy and agile foes with the lowest health. However, they’ve the habit of blowing up outside the walls of players. Such an explosion can cause damage to buildings further than walls, also. yorg io reddit is a great place to know more about them.


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