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Doing away with agar.io lag

Be it ping /FPS, lag happens to be a vast killer in the game of Agar.io. As sufferers of constantly occurring lag, many have furnished several successful policies that have made it possible for them to combat this menace. Below, we look at a few of such agar.io no lag tactics.

Some agar.io no lag tactics

Among the agar.io no lag tactics is playing on the server of your continent and visiting settings and turning the skins off. You also have the option of turning off names, though this won’t be as effective. Another is the closing of every other tab and restarting the browser. You can give different web browsers a try. Chrome is the preferred browser of most of the players. You can try restarting the modem. Try closing every other program. The lesser amount of multitasking that must perform the better. A great method is the restarting of your.

On there being other people on the Wi-Fi network that you’re using, think about playing sometime else. Activities that have need of a great quantity of data transfer will absolutely impact your connection speed. Occasionally, Agar.io is laggy simply due to all the individuals playing it. Thus, there is not much for you to do. On this being the matter, note down the time and make it a point to not play during peak hours.


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