A history of .io games

The .io games wiki has a great deal of information on the several io games that have taken the gaming world by storm. ! This is the place where you will learn all of the recent .io games and game info on these games! Amongst the most recent of the io games, one is You’ll like this game.

.io games happen to be a pristine genre of online games. They are coming up from the triumph of and .io games have a general mantra. It is the maintenance of very plain game mechanics, basic graphics as well as a capability of playing multiplayer games with just a click of your mouse. These are features that have made this game really popular.  A wiki is not established yet.

The reason for the .io extension had been the seed game. as a domain was advised by a user on 4chan. The reason was that all of the other associated names like and had been taken. When the naming was being done the .io top level domain extension had been comparatively new and the rate was incredibly high. So, numerous dictionary term domains had still been available.

Afterwards, made the most of the accessibility of the .io TLD, in all probability for the identical reasons as

Subsequent to Slither and, numerous fresh .io games wished to have a piece the achievement and popularity of their predecessors. They adopted a .io domain also. At present, there is in excess of 100 games within this genre and a great many more are being brought out on a routine basis. wiki

As stated earlier a wiki does not exist yet. However, there will be one as with time.


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