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Use a cheat code for playing krunker.io better

Krunker io happens to be first person MMO 3D shooter game. The most Vital part of this game is the fact that Sidney de Vries is its architect. He is also the developer of Foes io and Moo moo io. This game has more than a few features. However, you are able to add new features.

The game

The objective of Krunker io is like in every one of the analogous games. A player has to keep on fighting on till the conclusion of the round. The player with the greatest number of points by the conclusion is the winner. This game features AI bots and they are rather strong. You must exercise caution and make an attempt to stay off them. If you want to unlock more features in the game the answer is a Krunker.io Cheat code. Gray boxes happen to be the ammo. A player must get near and press on R for reloading the gun.

Use a Krunker.io Cheat code for a better gaming experience

The controls for playing the game are:

  • WASD for moving
  • R for reloading
  • Click for shooting and use the mouse for aiming
  • Space button for jump
  • Shift button for crouch

You can get more out of the game by making use of a Krunker.io Cheat code. For that, you must download and install mods that contain the cheats. There are more than a few ways of installing the mods in the more than a few browsers. However, the process is easy and can be done in some simple steps.


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