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This game is a Browser Based cutthroat First Person Shooter game. Here, you must pick a class that goes well with your playstyle and leap into the game arena. The player who has the greatest number of points at the conclusion of a round emerged as the winner.

Before we start our discussion on play you must know that this game is presently in beta. However, it’s going to be receiving numerous updates in the weeks head

On happens to be the animation first person shooter where the player is tossed into the ankle boots of a pixel combatant in the middle of combat. Make use of your warfare ploys and razor-sharp shooter aim for defeating all of your foes on the combat field. Have a look at cool animations as they emerge on the monitor as you take the life of foes and put on score points. A player is free to pick from a maximum of five characters for taking into combat. Take the leap into an MMO game and demonstrate that you’re the decisive solider. For further fun, a player can draw his or her spray gun out for spraying paint on the walls or on the foes! play in a nutshell

The Features of play are that a player has a maximum of 5 characters for playing with and can spray paint. The other features are its Smooth controls, Fast-paced gameplay, Web browser, and Platform. The controls involved in the game play are WASD, Left click, R, Space bar, Shift, and F.


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